Growing Together!

As our motto suggests we are about creating growth by working together.
This is a fundamental part of our philosophy.

The focus is on creating an OEM product for each of our clients that will meet the

ever changing market, we will work tirelessly to create an OEM product that you can be proud

of and be happy to put your own brand name to.

Xiamen Eagle King have a proven track record of providing quality products at a reasonable

price and to the highest standards. We manufacture for numerous large and medium sized

Companies that have remained loyal to us for many years.

We have retained 100% customer loyalty which in a competitive market is the true testament
To our dedication to providing a better service.
As part of the commitment to customer service and satisfaction we provide complete confidentiality
and make every effort for all customers products to have their own unique look and feel.
Xiamen Eagle King is a true success story having traded and manufactured for the past 15 years and
Built a loyal customer following. Our product range is forever growing and we are always happy to
Look at producing  new items.
If you wish to visit our factory you are most welcome.
If you wish to discuss your new ideas for a product we can produce for you please contact the sales team.
We look forward to hearing from you.